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BRLSI Premises Committee- Surveyors

Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution

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The Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution Seeks Volunteers to Help with The Maintenance and Upkeep of Their Grade 1 Listed Building in The Heart of Queen Square, Bath.

Founded in 1824 the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution is a charity whose mission is to provide a cultural hub to the people of Bath. It’s building holds over 100 lectures a year and plays host to numerous cultural groups, activities and exhibitions which together come not only together to make a rich collective programme but also does this at very low cost or none.

Maintaining a grade 1 listed building on a limited budget requires much work and expert knowledge and is not always on the surface the most glamorous wing of what BRLSI do. For this reason, we are always on the lookout for volunteers from external agencies who are not only experts in their field but also willing to get genuinely stuck in and roll up their sleeves.

The BRLSI premises committee is very far from being a talking shop and requires people with expertise who are genuinely committed to the care of our historic building.If you think that you would be challenged and invigorated by this aspect of the institutions work then the BRLSI Premises committee would be delighted to hear from you and in particular would like to hear from anyone who has worked as a Surveyor or has experience in Health and Safety.

Please apply below or email in the first instance or for further information ring 01225 307841 and we would be delighted to organize a meeting.

Gerie Herbert

Further location details may be provided below.

16-18 Queen Square


Queen Square, Bath

One week


Admin,Basic IT skills - internet & email,Building & Maintenance,Evaluating & Reviewing,Organising & Planning,Communications,Flexibility

We particularly invite candidates with Surveying or Health and Safety experience.

This is a chance to work in the heart of Bath in a Grade 1 Listed building. The BRLSI offers a rich and rewarding volunteer programme where volunteers become part of a great team.

18 and over

Administration,Business, Management & Research,Trusteeships & Committees,Building & Construction

 We welcome and/or have the resources to support:

The Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution recognise they are a far richer place for representing all sectors of the community and welcome as much diversity as possible within their volunteer core.

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