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Youth Activities

What will I do as a Youth Activities Volunteer?

As a volunteer for Young BRLSI, you might take on one of a number of roles. Our volunteers for the Young BRLSI programme take an active part in STEM workshops for young children. This might be on one of our Saturday workshops or on one of our outreach projects that we run.

We are looking for volunteers who are able to participate in every aspect of our Youth Activities programme. You might perhaps take on a more supervisory role, or lead an activity for the children, dependent on your education and experience. We have our Young Science Researchers programme where we look for PhD students to take on a mentoring role with teenagers enrolled on the programme.

We also look for individuals with experience in both education and childcare, who are able to dedicate themselves to the more pastoral aspects of the project, ensuring our young participants are both well looked after and able to participate in the activities with full confidence.

What skills do I need?

We ask that all our volunteers on the Youth Activities programme possess both an interest in the education of children and a wider interest in Stem. To work as one of our mentors on our Young Science Researchers programme, we ask that you are a PhD student. We also very much encourage the participation of anybody whose University programme or daily work involves them with the care or education of children or teenagers. It may be necessary to take a DBS check, in line with government safeguarding requirements. If you do not already have one. Any DBS check required is paid for on the volunteer’s behalf by Graphic Science.

Gerie Herbert

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16-18 Queen Square Bath


The BRLSI is situated on Queen Square and is a ten minute walk from both the railway and train station.

One week


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We ask that all our volunteers at Young BRLSI possess both an interest in the education of children, and for those wishing to take on a non-pastoral role, a qualification in STEM.

The BRLSI offer regular social events for our volunteers such as our annual Summer and Christmas parties. Our Young BRLSI volunteers also receive full training and support tailored to the aspects of their individual programmes. The BRLSI are committed to

18 and over

Teaching & Training

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The Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution is committed to providing equality of opportunity for all. We recognise that our institution is all the richer for accurately reflecting the community from which it takes its volunteers. The BRLSI is a

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