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Under One Sky

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A new Croydon-based charity 'Under One Sky' is seeking Trustees for a project that will work with children (5-11 years old) from asylum and refugee backgrounds.

Roles and responsibilities:
+ To be part of a Board of Trustees in ensuring the effective performance of governance responsibilities and relationships between all stakeholders
+ Ne a team player who will work collaboratively to provide guidance, leadership and the skills that will help Under One Sky to develop into a well-established and flourishing project in Croydon and south London
+ Work together to advise on the progress of charitable and strategic objectives that are set (meeting once a month and being available on email, phone or other occasions as required)
+ Work to ensure sustainable forms of funding for the charity
+ Lead on development and expansion in agreement with Board of Trustees
+ Facilitate public speaking opportunities for the charity at events that lead to greater recognition for and investment into Under One Sky
+ Establish a framework for engaging volunteers with the Founder
+ Advocate for the work of Under One Sky in public forums, events and establish networks

As a minimum commitment, Trustees would be required to attend a 2-4 hour meeting on a monthly basis, a quarterly meeting, the Annual General Meeting and a Strategy Away Day.
In addition, there may be other informal meetings/calls to carry forward the work of 'Under One Sky' throughout the year.

Saima Raza

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Organising & Planning,Research

ESSENTIAL: + The ability to lead in order to ensure the charity meets its core objectives, and strategic and forward looking vision in relation to the charity's objects and aims + Appreciation of the challenges facing children who are isolated, in poverty and marginalised + A clear passion for the objectives of Under One Sky + Share a passion for humanitarianism + Understanding and commitment to rights of refugees and asylum seekers Commitment to environmental protection and conservation + Local links to the community in Croydon and south London, and help to forge links with existing charities locally + A holistic strategy of youth empowerment and engagement + A dedication to promoting equality, social justice, change, creativity and self-empowerment especially in relation to children from refugee backgrounds DESIRABLE: + Background in youth and social work is preferable, with front line experience + Broad-minded approach to education + Child safeguarding knowledge would be an asset + Experience of leading campaigns + Finance management experience

This role can provide a wealth of personal and professional skills in strategic expeience, team working, communication, negotiating and listening, research, networking and much more.


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