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Trustee (Marketing skills)

Croydon Counselling Foundation

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As a Trustee with experience in marketing, your role will be to have an understanding of market positioning and branding of charities or businesses. And offer guidance in developing a clear marketing and branding strategy for CPF Counselling
You will also have the ability to carry out the following: Identify affordable ways to promote the organisation and increase our presence in the market
Oversee raising our profile in the diverse communities which we serve, including hard to reach groups
Sensitively overseeing how sufficient procedures, policies and processes are in place to guide the use of social media platforms
Advising on furthering the depth and range of our clinical profile to appropriate colleges and counsellor training establishments

Darryl Richards

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Kyle House 4 Frith Road Croydon


At back of Central Shopping Centre

Two Weeks


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Admin,Leadership Skills,Organising & Planning,Teamwork

Eligible to act as a Trustee and follow the ACEVO code of conduct for Trustees, Integrity, good judgment, an ability to think and speak independently. Good interpersonal skills and the ability to work effectively as a member of a team. The willingness to devote the necessary time and effort to the role, commit to three years with CPF Counselling. An understanding of market positioning and branding of charities or businesses, the variety of audiences, clients with which they need to engage to fulfil there missions and aims. To commit to six Board meetings a year in Central Croydon at the moment 9am to 1pm and two community days each year.

Being part of a friendly, committed team representing a counselling centre that is known for its clinical excellence, making a difference to people who are willing to seek help out of their despair to embark on a journey of self-realisation. Sharing the satisfaction of colleagues in striving for the best practice in all aspects of our endeavour to provide affordable counselling to all adults in our catchment area, to induction to the role and the opportunity to undertake ongoing training as Trustee.


Administration,Marketing, PR and media,Trusteeships & committees

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