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General Administrations / Communications

International Seafarers' Welfare and Assistance Network

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Volunteers will be required to do general Admin tasks which includes, creating and issuing certificates of the course we provided, deal with Incoming posts, monitor social media and fund raising research.

Angie Bosley

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3rd Floor, Suffolk House, George Street, Croydon


5 minutes walk from East Croydon Station.

Two Weeks


Please register your interest and we will get back to your with further information

Admin,Verbal Communication,IT Skills - Good,Reading And Writing,Research,Teamwork

We do not seek formal qualifications just commitment, common sense and a willingness to learn.

ISWAN is a leading international maritime charity and a volunteer would gain an insight into the world seafaring and the sacrifices that seafarers face in bringing all manner of goods to our shores. Our team is multicultural, multilingual and deeply committed to our cause.

Administration,Community work,Fundraising,IT, technology & websites,Marketing, PR and media

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