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Coach in the Community

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We have a variety of roles we need help with as the charity is expanding. We have a lot of admin tasks including letters and typing, managing the monthly drivers rota, invoices etc. We are a charity solely reliant upon charitable giving so considerable time is given over to fundraising. Anyone keen to get involved either for one off events, or with ongoing applications. Our bus is driven by volunteers, and we are able to offer training for new drivers. As long as you have a standard driving license you will be eligible.

Bethany Turner

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St James Carpark Daggons Road Alderholt


One week


Admin,Basic IT skills - internet & email,Good IT Skills,General Helping

For the drivers roles simply 2 years post qualifying experience and a standard driving license. But if you have a PSV or HGV license even better. Basic admin and organisation skills required - we can find a job suited to match your level and interest.

Depending on the role, meeting new people; organising and partaking in fundraising events; supporting young people; skills to add to a CV when seeking paid employment.


Administration,Community Work,Driving (must have full driving license),Fundraising,Events,Events & Stewarding

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