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Good Neighbour volunteers

Age UK Dorchester

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To help with one off tasks including changing a light bulb, reaching a high shelf, collecting a prescription and other one off requests. The Good Neighbour scheme operates in the Dorchester, Weymouth and Portland areas.

Lisa Holmes

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This scheme operates in the Dorchester, Weymouth and Portland areas as well as surrounding villages.


One week


Contact Lisa Holmes at Age UK Dorchester for more information.

General Helping

Our Good Neighbour volunteers bring a variety of skills and we will try and match the skills you have to the task that is requested.

This role is very flexible and allows the volunteer to choose whether or not they can help based on the task required and the area. This is a great opportunity to volunteer without having to commit to anything regular. Our Good Neighbour volunteers get a great deal of satisfaction from helping someone and don't feel they are letting anyone down if they are unable to help.


Befriending, Buddying & Mentoring,General & Helping

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