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Puppy walkers raise and care for a guide dog in your own home, from the age of 6-7 weeks to approximately 12-15 months. The role is about developing the puppy, familiarising it with all sorts of situations, turning it into a well behaved, well-mannered dog, ready to train to make a difference to a person who is blind or partially sighted.
This is a full-time volunteering role as the puppy will live with the volunteer in their own home, and by the nature of the role, takes a lot of commitment, but the result is very special.
You will be providing the puppy with a vital foundation for its future role as a guide dog.
We do have criteria and further information on what we look for in these special people which can be found on our website

Hazel Kelly

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In the Bournemouth and Poole area plus some of Dorset.



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