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Minibus escort

Age Concern Verwood

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Age Concern Verwood operates a 13 seater minibus to transport elderly clients to and from their Day Centre at The Bandhall, Moorlands Road,Verwood BH31 7PD from and back to their homes in Verwood. Volunteer escorts are requiredd on Mondays and Wednesdays between 8.45am and 10.15 pm and between 2.45pm and 4.00pm to accompany our elderly clients safely from their homes onto the minibus and off the minibus into the Day Centre in the mornings and vice versa in the afternoons. The Minibus departs at around 9.00am in the morning from it's parking place at Verwood Police Station and similarly at around 2.45 pm in the afternoon. Each journey takes approximately one hour. Volunteers usually are requested to only one journey per day and on two or three occasions per month at their convenience and availability.

Mark Talbot

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The Bandhall, Moorlands Road Verwood BH31 7PD and in the travelling minibus starting at Verwood Police Station, Station Road Verwood

BH31 7PD

One day


Telephone 01202821786 or call at The Day Centre


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