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Trainee Athletics Coach

Wimborne Athletic Club

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To undergo a three session training course to familiarise yourself with the different athletics events, and to have a go! This will be held 8.45 - 9.45am on three consecutive Saturday mornings. Then you will use your new knowledge to help coach groups of athletes aged 10 - 18 years old working alongside an experienced coach. You will be encouraged to commit to attend Saturday mornings and/or Wednesday evenings at QE Leisure Centre, Wimborne, at least once a month.

Trudi Carter

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QE Leisure Centre Track, Blandford Road, Wimborne

BH21 4DT

QE School is located on Blandford Road, follow the road next to the school to enter the Leisure Centre car park. The track is located behind the astroturf pitch.

One week


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Managing People,Organising & Planning

Communication with children and adults; patience; ability to encourage athletes; interest in sport.

Learn new athletics events; improve communication skills; sharing in the success of the athletes; being part of a family friendly successful athletics club.


Sport & Coaching

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