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Child Contact Centre Assistant

Bridport Child Contact Centre

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Volunteers are part of a small team each 2nd & 4th Saturday afternoon of each month when the centre is open from 2pm, they are responsible for helping to make contact between child or children and an non-resident parent.
Duties include the following -
Prepare the Centre before people arrive so you will need to arrive by 1.15pm,
Welcome and man the entrance for children and resident parent/
or entrance for non-resident parent.
Act as a host and arrange toys, refreshments.
At end of session tidy up and briefly meet as a team for a catch up session

Volunteers work on a rota system. 4/5 are needed every session. Usually volunteers are on duty for two consecutive sessions, every six weeks.
a Pre-visit to the Centre will be essential as part of your application.

Marysia Bartlett

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The Children's Centre, Skilling Road, Bridport, DT6 5LA


Please call for directions

One week

General Helping

You will need to show/ demonstrate a caring, re-assuring and cheerful approach. Show discretion and maintain a strict code of confidentiality.

Advice, Information & Support,Befriending, Buddying & Mentoring,Caring,Community Work

 We welcome and/or have the resources to support:

21+ if 18-21 please call co ordinator

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