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Co-ordinator to organise volunteers. As the volunteer coordinator, you're responsible for recruiting club volunteers, arranging training for them and making sure they're engaged enough to be retained by the club. It's a vital role in any club or club network. You must understand that volunteers join the club for many different reasons, so you must make the sport as appealing as possible.
What you will do:-
" Work out what roles need filled in the club each year, bearing in mind special events as well as the day to day running of the club;
" Prepare a welcome pack for new volunteers introducing them to your club and the sport;
" Plan where you're going to find volunteers, making sure your advertising and appointment is as open as possible;
" Work with local organisations such as voluntary services, volunteer centres, local councils, colleges and schools to recruit "new blood";
" Understand why people get involved in club athletics and use this knowledge to recruit them;
" Put people in roles that suit their skills and interest wherever possible;
" Link with the club welfare officer to ensure that all CRB and Safeguarding requirements are met by volunteers in contact with young people and vulnerable adults;
" Train volunteers, and give them support, guidance and encouragement;
" Recognise and reward success, nominating volunteers for club, local and national awards;
" Create a succession plan so that you have a pool of talented volunteer ready to step up or provide cover for key roles - possibly mentoring or buddying function for key roles.
" Think about sharing roles for busy people.
" Share good practice with club volunteer coordinators in neighbouring clubs.
This role in most cases will take about 1 to 2 hours per week, mainly evenings. At a time and day that suits you. If interested please contact

Ms Lindsey Hole Dr Mike T Furse

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The Thomas Hardye School Queens Avenue


One week

Managing People,Organising & Planning,General Helping

" Easy to approach with good listening skills; " Well organised and happy to delegate; " Confident and good at communicating; " Enthusiastic and motivating; " Willing to be UK Athletics CRB checked.

Administration,Teaching & Training,Events & Stewarding,Sport & Coaching,Volunteer Management,General & Helping

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