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Volunteer Tutor (English or Maths)

Riana Development Network

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RDN promotes Youth and Community Programmes aimed at building capacity for self-reliance and enhancing potential of young people in the UK.

RDN is implementing a supplementary Education Programme funded by BBC Children in Need that gives additional support to children from local schools in Hounslow in Key Stage 2 & 3 of the National Curriculum in Maths, Literacy and ICT.

We are looking for volunteers who could spare 1-2 hours or more on Saturday afternoon to offer support in English and Maths for those children whom English is not their first language. This will involve working with primary and secondary school students.

Rodgers Orero

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Alf Chandler Centre, Benson Close, Hounslow


235, 237 The top is at Hibernia Road in Hounslow

One day


Language Skills,Maths,Reading & Writing

Fluent in English A or B at A Level (or equivalent) in the subject, or similar, wishing to tutor Good communication skills Enthusiastic Patient

Travel expenses (up to £10 a week) Free training by Association of Supplementary Education Free training and specially designed lesson plans Hours volunteered will be recorded and recognised through Value You scheme.


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