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The Silver Line

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The purpose of this role is to inspire groups and individuals about the work of The Silver Line and ensure the impact of loneliness and isolation on older people is understood. You will raise awareness of the services The Silver Line offers, and help us to encourage people to volunteer and support us in reducing isolation and loneliness for older people.

This could include:
 Represent and be the face of The Silver Line at a range of events, including volunteer recruitment events.
 Provide and distribute information and materials to a variety of audiences.
 Promote the range of volunteering opportunities available across the charity.
 Provide other volunteer and statutory organisations with information on the service The Silver Line provides, including information on how to refer to The Silver Line as appropriate.
 Raise awareness of the impact that loneliness and isolation has on older people and the difference a regular, simple telephone call or letter can make.
 Engage members of the general public in a friendly, enthusiastic and motivational manner to raise awareness of the work of The Silver Line.
 Answer general enquires and direct any specific questions to the appropriate member of The Silver Line staff.
 Encourage people to leave their details so that we can forward them further information.

Jack Booth-Cole

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One week


Admin,Organising & Planning

Experience of public speaking is desirable but not a necessity. More importantly, the volunteers should be confident in their ability to communicate The Silver Line’s vision and mission effectively through various means as listed above. This means having some knowledge and understanding of the impact that loneliness and isolation and the impact that can have on older people’s wellbeing. This is a flexible volunteer role and you will have the opportunity to select which events you can attend. You can fit your volunteering round your existing commitments.

This role is a fantastic way for volunteers to engage with their local community – contacting organisations, individuals and groups, to help raise awareness of The Silver Line and work we do. Volunteers will use their people skills and presentation skills to represent The Silver Line and in turn be part of The Silver Line community.


Advice, Information & Support,Community Work

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