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Volunteer Baker

Free Cakes For Kids Hackney

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Our volunteers bake and deliver birthday cakes for children in Hackney who would otherwise go without.

We email out cake requests as and when we get them. If you see a cake that you can bake and deliver, you let us know. We do not have a minimum that you have to bake, some bakers make one cake a year, some make one a month.
We work with referral services such as Action for Children, Social Services, Children's Centres, etc.
The cakes are delivered all over Hackney to public locations or offices.

Isla Simpson

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One week

A level of home baking skills. We are not professional bakers, but we do get cake requests that come with themes. As long as you are able to bake a sponge cake with frosting and small amount of decoration, it's perfect.

18 and over


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