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Beecholme Community Garden

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Beecholme Community Garden in Clapton is looking for people who are interested in gardening, supporting the local community and beyond to join our small group of gardeners on the estate.

We are a small group that enjoys the process of growing plants and the transformation that it reveals. From compost and seeds to fully grown plants, flowers and fruits, we take part in shared gardening activities in a supportive and happy atmosphere.

We offer step by step support to help volunteers develop general gardening skills including : composting, sowing and planting, propagation, seed saving, wormery keeping, soil preparation for planting, making natural fertilisers and more.

Some of the tasks you might get involved in include:
- compost keeping: mixing, turning and helping it to develop.
- sowing seeds and repotting plants.
- weeding, watering and tidying the garden.
- keeping the Greenhouse tidy and suitable for growing.
- preparing the soil for planting using forks, rakes, shovels and other tools.

There's also the chance to get involved in foraging walks, organising events and more, depending on your interests and skills.

You don't need to have any previous experience of gardening, but ideally would have an interest in the natural world.

Raul Couselo

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Beecholme Community Garden

E5 9NS

Beecholme Estate. Once you reach Lea Bridge roundabout walk down the Lea Bridge road on the left side till you meet the first footpath of Millfields park on your left, take it and you will find the gate of the garden on your left.

One week



No previous experience of gardening is necessary! An interest in the natural world, gardening or nature. Able to attend at least 1 session a month, around your commitments. Able to be involved with the garden for at least 6 months. Ability to carry out a range of small gardening tasks. Ability and willingness to follow instructions.

Sharing, growing and socialising on a weekly basis the new members will get: - the chance to learn new gardening skills - or share their existing skills. - chance to learn about wild plant identification, collection and preparation. - learn basic crafts including making handmade plant labels, basic furniture and planters using recycled material. - the opportunity to make new friends in the local area. - build confidence and self-esteem. - sense of achievement.

18 and over

Gardening,Practical Work & DIY,Environmental,Employee & Group Volunteering,General and Helping

 We welcome and/or have the resources to support:

Weekly sessions are adapted to people's needs as well as interests, so please get in touch and we can discuss how best to support you.

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