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We’re looking for volunteers who can give 1 – 2 hours of their time to help support a Hackney resident who might be in need of some help. By becoming a Community Supporter, you’ll help enhance the quality of a local persons’ life by supporting and promoting their welfare, personal development and capacity for self-determination.

This person might need support in one or more of the following areas:
• They could be socially isolated or feeling very lonely
• They may have low confidence and need help feeling good about themselves
• They may have issues with their physical or mental health

You can give this support weekly, fortnightly or just once a month – this depends on your availability, interests and skills.

Based on your area of interest, we’ll match you with an individual receiving support through one of VCH’s projects. You will then meet up to take part in activities, work towards agreed goals and build meaningful connections in the community.

The roles and tasks are varied and decided together with the person that you are working with but will be governed by their needs, for example:
• Helping someone get out into the community, for example going to the park
• Taking someone along to get involved in a local group or activity
• Talking over a cup of tea to help practise communication skills and build confidence
• Supporting someone to develop their own skills
• Supporting someone to start volunteering

This volunteering may take place in various locations across the borough including at Volunteer Centre Hackney, local libraries, cafes, parks or people’s homes – depending on your availability and the needs of the person.

Key tasks:
Act as a listening ear
Help build confidence and self-esteem
Offer support in identifying and achieving goals and aspirations
To develop and promote a positive relationship(s) with the individual
Meet on a regular basis as arranged; agree activities
Attend training and individual or group supervision


Further location details may be provided below.

Various locations in Hackney

E8 2LY

One week


Language Skills

- Good conversational English - Speakers of additional languages welcome - Open minded and willingness to engage with clients from diverse backgrounds and cultures - Friendly and approachable - Flexible - Be non-judgemental - Reliable

This role is ideal for those interested in a career in the Voluntary Sector, in Health & Social Care, support work, Information and Guidance, mentoring, building a stronger Hackney community or just spending time talking with local people in need.

18 and over

Advice, Information & Support,Befriending, Buddying & Mentoring,Community Work,General and Helping

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