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Coordinator with Read Easy Hackney

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Read Easy Hackney is a recently established not-for-profit group which supports adults locally to learn to read. Trained volunteer reading coaches are matched one-to-one with new/ beginner-adult readers. The reading pairs meet in locally approved venues, including several Hackney libraries.

As an expanding group, we are looking to recruit an additional Coordinator to join our existing one. As Coordinator, you are responsible for the successful day-to-day running of a group of max 14 Read Easy Hackney reading pairs. You will start by helping to select suitable reading coaches, as well as meeting the new readers. Once the coaches have been trained, it will be your role to match coaches and readers and then overseeing these reading pairs.

The Coordinator's role is a many-faceted one that will bring you into contact with lots of different people and organisations and give you the opportunity to make a significant difference to many people's lives. It requires tact and diplomacy, imagination and kindness, flexibility as well as the ability to be firm and clear-cut when necessary - and a sense of humour on occasions! It has the potential, especially at the start, to take up a significant amount of time, (approx. 1.5 days a week) but you can choose when you allocate that time, so you will need to be well-organised and able to prioritise, As our existing Coordinator can vouch, it is a role that can be immensely rewarding.

You will be well supported by a very strong, enthusiastic and committed management team who meet monthly (either on a Tuesday or a Wednesday) in Central Hackney.

Serena Naismith

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Various venues in E8 and E9

E8, E9

One week


Contact Serena Naismith by phone or email at or 07763 158099

Admin,Basic IT skills - internet & email,Managing People,Organising & Planning,Reading & Writing

The role can be roughly divided into the following areas: - Managing the recruitment process for volunteer reading coaches; - Interviewing reading coaches with a member of the Read Easy Hackney Management Team; - Meeting with, enrolling and assessing new readers and pairing them up with reading coaches; - Observing reading pairs to maintain the quality of service; - Providing ongoing support for all those on the scheme and 'troubleshooting' when necessary; - Meeting with new readers who have completed the course for a 'finisher interview' and providing advice on what the next step might be for them; - Keeping records, writing reports and reporting back to the Management Team regularly by attending Team meetings; - Being involved with the Management Team in running occasional Training Days and Coach Review meetings for volunteer reading coaches. - Presenting Certificates of Achievement to readers who have successfully completed course modules

- The chance to make a significant and life-changing difference to many people's lives and help to launch a new charity in Hackney; - A responsible and very varied role that will bring you in to contact with many different people and organisations; - Excellent training provided by a national charity with a proven track record - The chance to develop excellent experience in the charity sector, including planning and organising, interpersonal skills and managing people; - The support and advice of a strong and enthusiastic local committee.

18 and over

Teaching & Training,Volunteer Management,Administration,Advice, Information & Support

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