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Social Prescribing volunteer

Family Action Social Prescribing

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It is a way of enabling people to access social or community activities and resources to help improve health their and well being. Based in Hackney and The City we work alongside GP’s to assess people who are socially isolated and/or with Long term conditions through helping them identify social and leisure activities as well as wellbeing services within their community and supporting them to engage with these activities.

The Well Being Co-ordinator and Service User will identify meaningful activities they want to attend, however some individuals might find attempting to attend the prescribed activity a challenge.

Under the supervision of the co-ordinators our volunteers help to support the service users to access the activities and follow through on goals they have set; this could be offering practical and emotional support to help with their confidence, for example helping them to find the right bus route or making the journey with them due to psychological barriers or poor mobility skills. The volunteer’s role within the Social Prescribing Service is varied and dynamic.

Support Work

To be able to relate to people with sensitivity and empathy, especially with vulnerable people. Maintain a professional stance in their relationship to service user.

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Gulden Sural / Beverly James / Nurul Chowdhury/ Borja Ramirez-Cardenas

Throughout Hackney


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