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Childcare Volunteer for English language support group


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Xenia is a group that brings together women who are learning English and women who can speak English on an equal level to practice English in weekly workshops based at the Hackney Museum and the Newington Green Meeting House. Our aim is to make English language learning as accessible as possible for women- and as part of this offer child care during the 2 hour workshops on Saturday mornings. We are now looking for friendly women who are interested in looking after children during the workshops.

Some key things about this role:

- This role includes informal child care role where you will be playing, drawing and looking at the museum with the children by yourself or with the parents in the same room
- Children generally range in age from 2 years to 12 years.
- Some children have low levels of English
- Because of the informal nature of the group we do not always know who is going to come along to the workshop. Because of this, we don't always know if we will have children present. As such, we ask that the child care volunteer (or volunteers) come for the 10am start of the workshop, but if no children have arrived after 45 minutes, the volunteer can then choose to either leave the workshop or take part as an adult English speaking volunteer.
- No qualifications are required, but experience is will be preferenced.
-Volunteers will be asked to complete a DBS check prior to volunteering with Xenia as this roles includes independent working with children.

- To look after the children at Xenia whilst their mothers take part in English class

Time Commitment:
We ask that you can commit to coming to at least 1 workshops per month (but would also be very happy if you can come more often than this).
Each Saturday workshop lasts 2 hours (10am-12pm)
If no children are attending the workshop, you will be able to choose to leave after 45 minutes (or stay as an English speaking volunteer)

A bit more about Xenia:
Xenia is a women's group in Hackney that supports those learning English and those able to speak English to come together and learn from each other. Xenia supports people from a wide range of backgrounds (including varying immigration status backgrounds) to practice speaking English. We run 2 hour weekly workshops in Hackney for women which provide a safe and supportive space to practice English- a key skill to feeling well and at "home" in a country whose language you don't speak. .

Youth Work,Caring,Community Work

Language Skills

In order to help out at Xenia you need to be a friendly, communicable person, who has a kind, gentle and inclusive attitude towards working with children. We require previous experience working with children, and this can be in a personal or professional capacity. Good English is required (but if you are learning English you are also welcome to join us - it may be useful for you!)

Supporting the language learning and integration of disadvantaged women Gaining experience in childcare Meeting others and connecting to your community Volunteer DBS

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Newington Green Meeting House, 39a Newington Green, London, N16 9PR

N16 9PR

We are based at the Newington Green Meeting House- use the side entrance to the left of the building


Email me to find out more! Our website shows good background: www.xenia.org.uk

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We welcome all people who identify as women. As this is a single-sex support group, the opportunity is not open to men.

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