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Volunteers will support our informal ‘learn together clubs’ which take place in community venues in Hackney. They will work with older people to understand what they want to achieve and teach them how to do the things they want to do online. Topics covered in the sessions are guided by the needs and aspirations of participants.

Learn together clubs are facilitated by our project lead, with volunteers providing one-to-one support to participants during the session. This might involve, for example, helping them navigate Google maps, learn how to shop online or send an email. It might also involve more technical support if participants are experiencing problems with a device.

Julie Bromwich

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Various venues around Hackney

One week



Basic IT skills - internet & email

We are looking for people of any age who are confident using smartphones, tablets and the internet, and have the patience and empathy to work closely with older people and help them learn.

Volunteers will have the opportunity to pass on knowledge and information to older people, help them explore the digital world, and open up new learning opportunities so they can access the support, services and information they need. We will provide volunteers with an induction and co-mentoring to support them in the role, and facilitate regular gatherings to share and reflect on experiences and insights.

18 and over

Employee & Group Volunteering,Advice, Information & Support,Befriending, Buddying & Mentoring,Community Work,IT, Technology & Websites

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