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BlindAid - 'Share London' Volunteer (COVID-19 support)


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During Covid-19 lockdown volunteers are telephone calling vI people each week.
Our outreach staff see service users once a fortnight for about an hour, to provide emotional and basic practical support, but quite often this does not leave them with any time to take service users out of their homes. A significant number of our service users would like the opportunity to get out to a local coffee shop, for a walk to a local park or perhaps a quick trip to some local shops – but lack the confidence/ability to do this independently. We are looking for volunteers that would be looking to help with this and spend some time offering a visually impaired person the opportunity to get out of their home for a while.
We will provide sighted guide and visual impairment awareness training.

Elaine McCann

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Across Hackney

One week


You have excellent conversational/interpersonal skills, sensitivity and a strong commitment to the welfare of others. You are courteous, reliable and completely trustworthy.

We will provide sighted guide and visual impairment awareness training.

18 and over

Befriending, Buddying & Mentoring,General and Helping

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