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City And Hackney Carers Centre

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CarersCollectiveLDN is an arts and crafts focused programme, delivering 6-week courses for 2 hours once a week, to provide carers with much needed respite, and the opportunity to try their hand at a whole different array of arts-based activities. Courses could involve painting, drawing, working with textiles, stitching, and will be led by a professional artist.

Many carers become isolated and exhausted as a result of their caring responsibilities, and are at risk of mental health issues. These courses will give carers time away from their caring duties, to spend time with others, and to do something for themselves.

Volunteers are needed to help create a welcoming, safe and supportive environment, and to provide carers with the support and confidence to try doing something new and completely different.

Many carers may feel out of touch with their creative side. They may feel nervous, uncertain, lacking confidence or self-belief in relation to their creative ability.

They may be tired and lack energy to get fully involved, especially if it involves learning new things.

As a volunteer, you will:
- help the carer with the art/craft work during the session
- support the carer to join in (at their own pace)
- provide ongoing encouragement
- help the artist with preparing materials for the class
- help the artist/ workshop facilitator with setting up the room
- support carers contribute to the design of future workshops.

Volunteers receive free training then attend the weekly course, for 2 hours every week for 6 weeks. These sessions are currently planned for Wednesday afternoons, 2 - 4pm. You can volunteer on one 6 week course or volunteer for all the courses.

Charlotte or Krithika

Further location details may be provided below.

Whitmore Centre, 2-4 Phillipp Street, London, and at some home locations (dependent on your role)

N1 5NU

One week


Please call Volunteer Centre Hackney

Ideally, you will have some experience of group facilitation and/or providing support for vulnerable people. However, what’s more important is a friendly and caring personality with good communication abilities. You must have patience and sensitivity. You must also have an interest in and enjoy doing arts and crafts but not necessarily have any skills or knowledge in this area, as you will be taught what you need along with the other learners and participants.

Training Offered: • Mental Health Awareness • Working with Vulnerable People • Active Listening • Coaching Skills • Respecting diversity • Understanding and upholding professional boundaries • Recognising safeguarding concerns • Confidentiality As a member of the Carers Collective LDN team, you are playing a vital role in a project that is giving carers the chance to restore and recuperate, the chance to focus on their own wellbeing, creativity and personal self, and the strength to return to their role of carer. You will feel an increased connection with your local community. You will gain increased confidence in providing support to a diverse group of people from different backgrounds. You will receive high quality training. You will have the chance to enjoy and learn a new artistic skill. You will receive regular telephone support and the opportunity to attend group peer support sessions to meet other volunteers. You will receive travel expenses. You will make new friends and the support to progress onto another volunteer role.

18 and over

Art & Design,Befriending, Buddying & Mentoring,Caring,Community Work

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