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Contactless Gardening

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Volunteers will visit the gardens of vulnerable people in Hackney to help them maintain them. This will include trimming, mowing and planting. They will not make direct contact with service users but will interact at a distance. Help disabled people in a fun, outdoors environment.

Gardening,Practical Work & DIY,Environmental


Basic knowledge of gardening Enthusiasm and dedication Some people skills (even though contact will be limited).

Experience of working with gardens and disabled people, develop communication skills and receive a work reference from the co-ordinators. As well as the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to society during lockdown.

Further location details may be provided below.

Paul or Daniel

Various addresses throughout Hackney.

Will depend upon the location of the garden. We discourage the use of public transport, so where possible volunteers shall live within walking distance or their service users or will have their own means of transport.


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We are a disabled person's organsation and are very passionate about meeting access needs wherever we can.

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Contact with the service user is very limited.

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