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Volunteer cook mentors for Bags of Taste virtual cooking courses (volunteer from home)

Bags of Taste

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Interested in cooking, helping others cook healthy food on a budget, and connecting with people? Bags of Taste is an award-winning food education programme helping participants change their diets to improve their finances, physical and mental wellbeing by cooking tasty, healthy, take-away beating meals from scratch for just £1 a head. Now our free cooking and food budgeting classes have gone virtual. Instead of hands on teaching we are delivering our courses virtually via WhatsApp, Facebook, email and phone, and we provide participants with free ingredients to help them to complete the course.

We need volunteer cook mentors to guide ‘students’ through a short virtual course incorporating essential cooking skills, carefully selected recipes and meal planning tips using the trademark ingredients bags that we deliver to their homes. Over the 2 week "virtual course", volunteer cook mentors are responsible for keeping in contact with a small group of ‘students’ in a friendly chat, providing practical and moral support, cooking guidance, motivation, feedback and encouragement, and managing peer to peer interaction. This may be one to one over the phone, or on social media/email. We provide full training and online resources, and you are always supported by an experienced member of staff. If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, contact for more details about how to become involved.

Caroline Stacey

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73 Parkholme Rd, E8 3AQ. Though it is a role for remote volunteering via WhatsApp, text, email or phone, so location not relevant.

E8 3AQ

One day


Basic IT skills - internet & email,Counselling,Evaluating & Reviewing,Good IT Skills,Managing People

Cooking knowledge and skills. Proficient in using social media. Able to communicate well and clearly in different media; empathetic; well organised, good at record-keeping.

Satisfaction at sharing cooking knowledge, supporting and communicating with people who are socially isolated, contributing to an organisation - Bags of Taste - with an established reputation for making a difference in the short and long term to people struggling with food costs and wanting to improve their diets.

18 and over

Advice, Information & Support,Befriending, Buddying & Mentoring,IT, Technology & Websites

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