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Social media for social justice

Newington Green Alliance

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This volunteer role will help to build community and understanding among diverse people in the Newington Green Area to improve mental health, educational attainment, and social inclusion and to decrease isolation and crime. The role will involve the use of social media and other digital communications to support Newington Green Alliance programmes, activities, and events and to assist with the fundraising essential to support this important work.

Andy Pakula

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N16 9PR


One week


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Basic IT skills - internet & email,Good IT Skills,Language Skills,Organising & Planning,Reading & Writing

Volunteers must be proficient in the use of social media and other digital communication approaches and have an understanding of the strategies for most effectively employing them to reach diverse audiences.

Volunteers will gain experience, working together with others, enjoy connections with great people, and have the satisfaction of knowing their work made a real difference for people locally and beyond.

18 and over

Marketing, PR & Media,IT, Technology & Websites

 We welcome and/or have the resources to support:

This is an online volunteering opportunity. Anyone with the described skills and able to pass safeguarding requirements is warmly welcomed.

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