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Video creation/editing

Newington Green Alliance

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You will create short compelling videos for use for inspiration, promotion, and transformation of perspectives. Videos may be used as a part of a variety of online events, in campaigning, as documentation of activities, and in oral/video history work in community building.

Andy Pakula

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Newington Green

N16 9PR

Newington Green is accessible by a number of buses and via the Canonbury Overground station.

One day


Contact Andy Pakula on andy@newingtongreenalliance.org

Art & Craft,Basic IT skills - internet & email,Creative & Design,Good IT Skills,Organising & Planning,Photography

You must have experience with video editing and bring a creative sensibility to the role. You should be a self-starter, a good team player, and prepared to take initiative,

In this role, you will gain experience in video creation and editing. You will develop and hone skills that can help you gain similar roles in the paid sector. At the same time, you will have the positive experiences of being part of a community of volunteers, helping colleagues, and benefiting people in need in the community. If your performance is good, you will receive valuable references to help you with future paid and volunteer roles.

Marketing, PR & Media,Campaigning & Lobbying,Art & Design,IT, Technology & Websites

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18 and over

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Anyone with the described skills and able to pass safeguarding requirements is warmly welcomed. It will be possible to carry out much of the work remotely.