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Bookstart Project Volunteer (delivery)

Hackney Playbus

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Hackney Playbus is working to distribute Bookstart Packs to families in Hackney and we need YOUR help...

During these strange times, we have all had to adapt to how we function on a day to day basis, how we work and even how we interact with one another. For families with young children, the challenge of keeping them entertained and ensuring they have the right opportunities for development is a hard one, especially with the usual delivery of Hackney Playbus on hold.

This has given us the opportunity to support our families in other ways, by creating online content (which can be found on our social media pages) and by partnering with Hackney Libraries to distribute Bookstart packs. These are a free resource provided by the BookTrust that include books suitable for children aged 0-2 years old, and children aged 2-5 years old. We are distributing these packs along with information about our current provision at Hackney Playbus during Covid-19, balloons and activity sheets.

We need your help in delivering packs using a cargo bike (only if you are a confident rider!)

Sabana Siddique

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One week


- Hackney Resident - Reliability – if bags are not packed in time, or we have no one to deliver them when planned, we will not be able to deliver in time, and we will be letting down our families that need us. - Flexibility - There are no max or minimum hours required as this is a role based on demand, meaning one week may be quiet, the next may be busy. - Able to work safely – we need you to be able to follow guidelines and conduct yourself in a way to protect yourself and those around you. - Good record keeping - Ability to maintain confidentiality - Additional language speakers would be a bonus. - Have fun! - A confident cargo bike rider - Able to use a navigation system such as Google Maps - Able to deliver with flexibility & use initiative – sometimes whilst doing deliveries, everything may not be as straightforward as we like, such as not being able to get into a block of flats because the intercom is not working, or the location being different to what we expected - it happens! We need you to be able to assess & problem solve on the spot so we can still deliver. - A kind and friendly approach to working with families - Confidentiality & data protection – deliveries can be to organisations or to individuals, we need you to be able to be discreet and not share information.

- A safe, open and inviting environment - A team dedicated to making a difference to families in Hackney - Clear communication and contact from a designated colleague of contact - Excellent Covid-19 procedures for working in the office and during deliveries - PPE provided (masks and sanitiser for use in the office and deliveries) - Reference (provided there has been enough interaction to be able to comment

18 and over

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