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Community Supporters/Telephone Befrienders

Volunteer Centre Hackney

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Currently we need volunteers who can give 1 – 2 hours of their time to help support a vulnerable Hackney resident who may feel they are not coping through this COVID-19 climate.

By becoming a Community Supporter/Telephone Befriender you’ll help enhance the quality of a local resident's life by supporting and promoting their confidence and help them focus on their Health and Well being.

This person might need support in one or more of the following areas:
• Social Isolation and Loneliness
• Confidence Building
• Physical Health/Mental Health

They may have limited English, may have been supported to integrate into our Hackney community as a Refugee, Migrant or Asylum Seeker.

You may also be able to meet face to face one day once this service resume - Currently it will remain as telephone befriending.

Key tasks:
Act as a listening ear.
Help build confidence and self-esteem.
Offer support in identifying and achieving goals and aspirations currently and long term.
To develop and promote a positive relationship(s) with the individual.
Keep records for calls feeding back and ensuring urgent issues are reported straight away.
Ensure own well being, checking in via individual or group supervision.

What we provide:
Full training, including boundaries, safeguarding, lone working.
Mental health awareness and communication skills.
Regular supervision, with clinical professional.
Ongoing contact and support.


Further location details may be provided below.

Various locations in Hackney

E8 2LY

One week


Basic IT skills - internet & email,Language Skills

Friendly and approachable Being non-judgmental - hones and trustworthy Excellent listening & communication skills with an understanding presence Reliable and have an understanding of mental health difficulties Clear sense of personal boundaries and confidentiality

This role is ideal for people wanting to support, encourage and impact positively to vulnerable people within their community -in the Voluntary Sector. It will help build people skills in Health & Social Care, support work, information and guidance, mentoring, building a stronger Hackney community or just spending time talking with local people in need.

18 and over

Languages & Translation,Advice, Information & Support,Befriending, Buddying & Mentoring,Community Work,General and Helping

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