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National Food Service London

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Lend a hand to nourish your community this winter and spring!

National Food Service London cooks and delivers over 800 healthy meals a week to people in need of access to food in North Hackney. Volunteer with us to deliver food to your neighbours, cook community meals, set up community cafes, chat with people on our hotline from home and much more. Our roles are very flexible and take place on weekdays and weekends according to availability, and you can volunteer as much or as little as you like.

If you are interested in contributing or developing administrative and organisation skills, then coordinating is a great opportunity. Our coordinators are responsible for providing administrative support across the organisation. Tasks include daily communications between teams, maintaining our orders system, helping to sort out volunteer rotas, policies, stock management, setting up systems, connecting with local support services and taking meal orders. At present, we have coordinators two core task flows that coordinators focus on: volunteer support and daily operations. These roles are great for people who want to develop organisation and communication skills. They are also remote roles, which means they people can get involved while shielding or isolating.

Volunteer Coordinator
Remote and very flexible
Working as part of a team who screen and onboard new volunteers and help to ensure the rota is filled each week. You will work closely with other members of our volunteer support team on volunteer wellbeing schemes, removing barriers to participation and more. Shifts are flexible in duration, level of commitment and can be undertaken any day of the week. Ideally, we are looking for volunteers that would be happy to commit half a day a week.

Operations Coordinator
Remote and flexible
These are 2-hour shifts to set up the daily operations for the following day. This involves briefing the volunteers due in on the tasks that need to be completed, reviewing all the orders and ensuring everyone's dietary requirements are catered for, updating the map for the packing and delivery team, and helping to populate the rota. These tasks typically take two hours on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (late afternoon or evening) and 1 hour on Monday mornings and Thursday (late afternoon or evening). Ideally, we are looking for volunteers that would be happy to commit to one or two 2-hour shifts per week.


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