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Bookkeeping volunteer

Newington Green Alliance

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Newington Green Alliance is a young charity building community across differences in the Newington Green area. We have very simple finances at the moment and no payroll. We need a volunteer working remotely online who can help with bookkeeping.

This is going to require quite a small amount of time per week and we have a wonderful community of ~85 volunteers to get to know and work with. It's a great group with a great culture doing great work. If you are able to do bookkeeping, we'd love to have you join us.

Andy Pakula

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One day


Contact Andy Pakula on

Bookkeeping & Finance

You should have skills and experience in bookkeeping and good facility with spreadsheets

Know you're making a difference and be part of a wonderful community of volunteers.

18 and over

Finance & Accountancy

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anyone who can do the work

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