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ESOL Volunteer Teacher


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The purpose of this role is to provide informal English lesson to those we are in touch with. Some have just arrived, and others have been here for many months. Due to lockdown, they have not had the chance to socialise or practice their English. Some are offered English classes, and more formal education, but it is often not possible to attend due to location or lack of resources.

It is essential that these people can learn and practice their English, so they are able to gain independence, find work and excel in education. The level of English people have on arrival varies massively. You could be working one-on-one or with small classes, we work with all ages and levels. Even those with high levels of English benefit from practice and additional structured lessons. Each volunteer is matched with one or two people, or a small group, to teach weekly (or bi-weekly). Classes will be on zoom although we would like to move to in person when government restrictions allow.

This role is fantastic for so many reasons, if you are looking to develop specific skills or simply want to make friends in the local community this role is for you. The lessons are invaluable to the families making the role rewarding and brining you into a new community.

Commitment required:
1 hour a week planning lessons and at least 1 hour a week delivering an English lesson.
We need volunteer teachers that can be with us for 3-6 months and attend monthly meetings to share progress.


Further location details may be provided below.

You will be working with people in East London (Old Street, Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Docklands, Newham). For now everything is on zoom.

One week


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We are looking for volunteers from a range of backgrounds, to create a diverse creative team of volunteers. If you have one or more of these skills or experiences, you may be eligible for the role: - A background in teaching - Experience in tutoring - Experience facilitating/training groups/hosting workshops - A TEFL or CELTA qualification - Experience teaching English - Any experience supporting young people or adults. - Experience in working across cultures and awareness of the refugee crisis As this role involves working with various refugees you are required to provide references and complete a background (DBS) check.

Training You will receive an induction and training for your role and basic safeguarding training. There will be opportunity to attend additional training or events throughout the year. If you are looking to develop a certain skill or gain specific experience your dedicated volunteer coordinator will develop a plan with you. Resources You will be given and induction pack with links to various online resources. You will have access to digital teaching resources and we will hold monthly meet-ups to discuss ideas and issues. Our Volunteer Coordinator can help plan lessons and choose materials. You can structure and plan your lessons however you feel is best for your teaching style. Volunteer Support - This project has a dedicated volunteer coordinator who will support you throughout your volunteering. - We host various volunteer events and socials throughout the year.

18 and over

Teaching & Training,Befriending, Buddying & Mentoring,Community Work

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