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City and Hackney Public Health, in collaboration with Volunteer Centre Hackney, are recruiting volunteer Community Champions to support the reduction in the transmission of COVID-19 in City and Hackney, through communicating important public health messages in your local community.

We have all been impacted by COVID-19 since its outbreak and the disease has by no means been eradicated. Our return to a ‘new normal’ is very much being supported by how well we, as a general public, engage in national and local initiatives. Your role as a City and Hackney Public Health Community Champion will be crucial in supporting local residents to carry out their daily lives in a safe manner, whilst helping reduce the spread of the infection.

As a Community Champion, you will be tasked with communicating key public health messages amongst your networks (family, friends, neighbours, social clubs etc.) around issues including:

• Health and safety measures
• Covid-19 vaccines
• The availability of testing
• How to access testing
• The contact tracing system
• Accessing support if needing to self-isolate

By relaying these critical public health messages, you will be:

• Supporting the reduction in the transmission of COVID-19 in City and Hackney
• Increasing the knowledge and understanding of local people in how to access testing if experiencing symptoms of COVID-19
• Building trust in the vaccine and contact tracing system
• Combatting misinformation spreading in our communities

The communication of these key messages could take place in a number of forms:

• WhatsApp groups
• E-mails
• Phone calls
• Social media channels
• Online community forums

You will receive ongoing support from both Public Health and Volunteer Centre Hackney and will have the opportunity to raise any questions or concerns via direct contact with City and Hackney Public Health but also at regular Forums.

If you are interested in helping support the local effort in tackling COVID-19, we would love to hear from you.

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Join our introductory workshops here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd-EF7nKV86CGMrZp8Kzas-cHCTSREOF1RyYjd6_eCx7WN1Qw/viewform

We are looking for people who live, work or study in the City and Hackney who are understanding, compassionate and are committed to bringing change in our local community. We can all play a role at the current time in supporting local efforts to tackle this disease.

• Opportunity to support the local effort in reducing the spread of Covid-19 • Ongoing support and supervision from Public Health and Volunteer Centre Hackney staff • Potential for role to continue post pandemic to promote positive public health messages • Excellent role to acquire and develop a range of communication skills

Campaigning & Lobbying,Advice, Information & Support

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