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Host for a Refugee or Asylum Seeker facing Homelessness

Refugees at Home

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We are looking for people with a spare room or a sofa bed who can offer a place to stay to a refugee or asylum seeker facing homelessness. Refugees at Home matches guests with our generous hosts who would like to offer a safe, welcoming place to stay, for the length of time that they can manage. If you would like to offer your spare room or sofa bed to a refugee or asylum seeker or know someone else who could, please get in touch to find out more.

Megan O'Hanlon Murray

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This role will be carried out from your own home. If you live in or near a city please apply.

One week


Contact Megan on 07923230426 or megan.ohanlon-murray@refugeesathome.org

This role is open to anyone with a spare room in their home (or a sofa bed for a shorter stay) and the ability to welcome a refugee or asylum seeker in need into their homes. There are no specific skills required. Additional information, preparation and support will be given about the role before starting. Refugees at Home provides support throughout and manages placements.

By becoming a host with Refugees at Home you can give a refugee or asylum seeker a safe place to stay, and help someone to rebuild their life.

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