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Baby and Toddler Group Volunteer

Hackney Playbus

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The Baby and Toddler Group Volunteer will support the Hackney Playbus staff in the delivery of our groups on Tuesdays. This volunteer role is vital to be able to provide a quality and welcoming service to babies, toddlers, parents and carers.

We aim to create a relaxed, supportive and non-judgemental environment. There is a variety of activities on offer, with plenty of resources for babies and toddlers to explore. Each session includes the opportunity for free play, chatting, and singing together.

Set up in a well ventilated, indoor space, play sessions are free and families are able to come and go during the session time. Places are on an invitation only basis for the time being while Covid-19 restrictions are in place.

You will be helping to create a warm and welcoming environment, to families that may have additional support needs.

You will be creating opportunities for
- children from disadvantaged backgrounds to have access to toys and play they may not otherwise have.
- connect parents and carers and encourage them to make friends and create support networks they may not otherwise have
- build parents and carers confidence
- Create a safe and welcoming environment

Min Tasks include:
- Helping to set up the play environment and tidy it away at the end of the session, including lifting and carrying play equipment (nothing too heavy!)
- Answering the door and welcoming the families
- Helping families with their children or buggies as they enter
- Showing families the way into the playroom
- Pointing out hand-washing facilities and providing a mask for anyone who doesn’t have one
- Helping clean resources during and between session to help stay Covid-safe
- Supervising and interacting with babies and toddlers during play in an indoor group venue
- Helping to maintain a safe environment (being aware of potential trips and slips)
- Being observant around children attending the group and reporting any concerns to a member of staff
- Contributing to the session review with the other members of the team
- Assisting with taking attendance as necessary

Person Specification

Everyone working with the Hackney Playbus project is expected to behave in a way that is fair and sensitive to families and to be helpful and responsive to requests for support.

- Comfortable interacting and playing with children
- Having a sensitive and non-judgemental approach, open and welcoming to all families
- Being helpful and responsive to requests for support. To not give advice, but be a supportive, friendly ear
- Able to empathise/awareness of challenges that may be faced by our families
- Able to maintain confidentiality

Hackney Playbus aim to offer opportunities for experience and development. We can learn from you and you can learn from us. You do not need to have any experience but an ability and willingness to learn and contribute to the Hackney Playbus ethos.

Sabana Siddique

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Within De Beauvoir Town area in Hackney, N1


One week


www.hackneyplaybus.org sabana@hackneyplaybus.com

Art & Craft,Cleaning & Tidying,Counselling,Creative & Design,Evaluating & Reviewing,Language Skills

We are looking for volunteers who enjoy spending time with babaies and toddlers, children, who have patience and a sense of fun and who can see the potential in every child. We welcome volunteers who are seeking a career in early years, childcare or working with children in other capacities and can assist with training and references etc. for the right candidate.

Hackney Playbus will support you to gain skills in Early Years, carry out a DBS check, offer safeguarding training, be a referee, offer reimbursements for travel, and provide an enjoyable, safe and caring working environment.

Support Work,Advice, Information & Support,General and Helping

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