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Volunteer Summer School Assistant

Sapphire Community Group

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Our enrichment academy aims to ensure that each individual finds what they want to do in the future through mentoring, coaching, literature, entertainment, events and workshops. This summer, we are hoping to hold our fourth summer school called, The BIY Summer School.


-Assist tutors with a range of activities (dancing, exercise, gardening, etc.)
-Ensure student safety and monitor their activities.
-Set up and ensure recreation equipment is required and stored properly.
-Follow the instructions of the manager on site
-Follow the policy and code of conduct of The Sapphire Community Group
-Supervise students during meals and food pick up.
-Instruct students in their daily routine and clean up tasks.
-Follow safety and emergency procedures and guidelines.
-May perform administrative tasks (filing, record-keeping, etc.) as needed.

Adanna Osisiogu

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Greenwich, Tower Hamlets, Camden and Croydon

E8 2DJ

One day


Please email enrichment@sapphireministriesrtwv.org

Basic IT skills - internet & email,Cleaning & Tidying

Teamwork, communication, listening and helpful

A certificate, making an impact on children

Teaching & Training,Youth Work,Advice, Information & Support

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