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We are looking for volunteers to join the Tree Musketeers. Tree Musketeers (TM) is the working name of registered charity 'Hackney Tree People'. TM is entirely volunteer-run and its core activity is raising, planting and caring for trees in Hackney’s green spaces. We provide a way for people to engage with their local green spaces by organising public tree-planting sessions, tree aftercare (watering and mulching) and leading local green space walks. TM works alongside park user-groups and community groups in maintaining trees in estates, parks and community orchards. The Hackney Community Tree Nursery is where we propagate and nurture trees for planting out in the borough. The Nursery also contains an orchard/forest garden and small apiary. You can drop in for volunteer sessions at the Tree Nursery on Wednesdays and Fridays from 10am.

Gardening,Practical Work & DIY,Environmental,Community Work,General and Helping

No skills needed. Just a love of nature and a willingness to muck in.

We will teach you how to grow, plant and care for trees. At the Tree Nursery you will be working outdoors, enjoying a small unspoilt corner of London which has become a haven for wildlife. You will also be putting something back into your community by helping green up estates and combatting climate change by increasing the number of trees in urban spaces. The job can be as flexible as you want.

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Olivia Kilmartin

Hackney Marshes Centre, Homerton Rd, London E9 5PF

E9 5PF

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We limit the number of people at tree planting events by asking people to register at a ticketing website. Also the number of volunteers at the Tree Nursery is limited.

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