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Marketing, PR and Media Role

Haddis Agape Foundation

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Please find the following description for our Charity:

-Enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers for UK based International Charity.
-Our mission is to help and support victims who have been subject to physical/mental trauma caused by the pandemic.
-To promote, advice and seek funding from General Public and Organisations by direct and networking means.
-All welcome to apply from a range of experiences and skills.
-Opportunity to travel and work abroad after the covid pandemic restrictions have been lifted.
- A fundraising expert with fundraising ideas, the fundraising expert has to be a driving force for effective fundraising and increasing donations by helping a charity raise more money by creating networking.

Marketing, PR & Media experienced person, can lead or build PR campaigns for technology and co-operate the charity on the international stage by using lots of digital techniques by promoting our charity name for digital marketing, as a unique brand by using the PR tackles to work, like using press releases to spread to the world, targeting local tv, and media outlets. Practicing in community, taking advantage of social media platforms, creating an influence through advertising, partnering up with influencers, and creating an influence in our charity name.

Counselling,Fundraising,Marketing, PR & Media,Trusteeships & Committees,Environmental,Campaigning & Lobbying,Sport & Coaching,Administration,Advice, Information & Support,Art & Design,IT, Technology & Websites,General and Helping

Art & Craft,Creative & Design,Gardening,Good IT Skills,Managing People,Organising & Planning,Research,Web Design

They can develop experience and knowledge exchange The volunteer can give us the portfolio of tolerance. It can make them more self-resilience and deciplined.

Further location details may be provided below.

Hiwot Amare

27 Carramea community centre



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