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Children & Young People's Advocate for MAPS (Mentoring,Advocacy Peer Support)

Volunteer Centre Sutton

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Volunteer advocates provide independent support to each child or young person referred, to help them understand their rights and to have their views and opinions heard by people who make decisions about them ensuring that these are taken seriously.
Volunteer advocates are needed to provide each young person referred with a safe space and dedicated time to talk about their situation and to help them have a say in their future.

Could you be that person that they talk to?

Do you have some spare time during the daytime Monday to Friday where you could support a young person and represent their views at meetings?
MAPS provides an independent advocacy service for Looked After Children, care leavers and children subject to child protection proceedings aged 8+ in the London Borough of Sutton

Lisha Varghese

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31 West Street Sutton Surrey


The Volunteer Centre is on the corner of St Nicholas Way and West Street, just before the Empire Cinema and St Nicholas Centre Car Park in the centre of Sutton. It is an 8 minute walk from Sutton Station. Most local buses stop in St Nicholas way

One week

No specific qualifications are needed for this role. We are looking for volunteers who have a positive attitude towards children and young people and a desire to help them achieve their full potential. Someone who is a positive role model, patient, calm, a good listener and who is non-judgemental.

Benefits to You: You will receive 18 hours of comprehensive training that will not only support you in your role as an advocate, but are transferable skills that will support you both in work and your day to day activities. You will gain new skills such as communication, listening and personal awareness as well as gaining a better understanding of the lives of young people and your community. You will benefit from regular supervisions from a dedicated coordinator and you will have the opportunity to participate in additional training sessions to further enhance your knowledge and skills.


Youth Work,Advice, Information & Support

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