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Admin Assistant for Disability Activities


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We are looking for a volunteer to join our friendly team to help to run the outdoor registration desk at our inclusive cycle sessions. This involves welcoming people and their carers as they arrive, taking the session fee, giving change and receipts, ticking the attendance sheet, giving registration forms to new users, adding up the session's takings and filling in a tiny bit bit of paper work. If you like meeting and talking to different people and working outdoors please get in touch.

You would normally be helping with one of our existing volunteers, but once you are happy with the role be able to work without them, though there are always our staff there. Mondays would be the ideal day.

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David Weir Leisure Centre Middle Road Carshalton


One week



Be friendly and able to communicate well. Be patient with people with learning and speech disabilities.

Meeting lots of people. Contributing to a wonderful opportunity for peopel with disabilities. Being part of a very friendly and dedicated team of volunteers and staff. Gain skills in working with people with disabilities.


Events & Stewarding,Support Work,Administration,Community Work,General & Helping

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