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Plant Sales Preparation


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Once a month we sell plants at Wallington Farmers' Market to help raise funds for our community allotment. We need help on the Thursday or Friday before the market once a month to:
- sort out which plants look big enough/healthy enough to go to market,
- put the chosen plants into crates/boxes and help load them into our van/car
- make a list of all the plants and make labels with pictures of the plant in flower to help sell the plant. We have a template for the labels, but where a plant has not been sold before this will involve using the internet to find an image of the plant, research the basic growing requirements of the plant and summarise this. Then print out all the labels required onto card, cut them up and sellotape them onto sticks.

Other possible options for this role could include:
- on one other occassion during the month, pot up plants into bigger pots as needed
- once per month drive to our Community Allotment in Carshalton to collect more plants (if you have a car)
- taking the plants to Wallington Farmers' Market by car/bringing back unsold plants (if you have a car)
- helping sell at Wallington Farmers' Market

Tansy Honey

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The Old School House Mill Lane Carshalton


Buses 127, 157, s3 Train station: Carshalton Please ask for directions or a map

One week



Basic IT skills - internet & email,Gardening

Once you have learnt the role, we would need you to be fairly independent. We are a freindly team and there will always be somebody to check things with, but we are only a small team and we are looking for somebody who can get on with the task without constant one to one support.

Become part of a team. Play a beneficial role in the community. Meet other people. A sense of satisfaction of a task completed.


Gardening,Practical Work & DIY,Retail & Charity Shops,Environmental,Administration,General & Helping

 We welcome and/or have the resources to support:

We welcome anybody who can do the task. If you need to have your own support worker with you that is fine.

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