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Shop Volunteer

St Raphael's Hospice - Rosehill Shop

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Volunteers are needed to help clean, sweep, and hoover the shop, toilet and warehouse. volunteers wash any glass/china donations, steam clothes, sort donations, hanging and tagging clothes and goods and using the pricing gun and making tea & coffee. You should be willing to move and carry furniture and donations to and from cars.

Volunteers can also help out on community / fun days.

Fundraising,Retail & Charity Shops,Community Work,General & Helping

Must be friendly, helpful and game for a laugh. MUST have a sense of humour. "Able-bodied" able to cope with lifting and moving donations including furniture. Able to follow instructions

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18 The Market, Wrythe Lane, Carshalton, SM5 1AG


Rosehill - between fish & chip shop and Barnardos.

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