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Stewarding / event volunteering at Carshalton Environmental Fair


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The Carshalton Environmental Fair is held each year on the Bank Holiday Monday (end August). The event attracts some 10,000 people, there are over 100 stalls, 3 stages, children's area, bar and caterers. The Fair is run largely with the help of volunteers.

If you volunteer for 2 hours or more you get a free lunch voucher, refreshments are also provided to keep you going throughout the day and you get free entry to the fair itself. Volunteers under 18 need to get written permission from a parent.

Roles available:
- Stall Arrival Marshalls are needed from early in the morning (7.30ish) until about 10am to help see that the stall holders are shown to their plots quickly and efficiently. You will be checking vehicle passes, directing stall holders to their pitches in order to set up and ensuring that traffic congestion outside the gate is kept to a minimum.

- Car parking marshals are needed from 7.30-11am to ensure stall holders park in the correct places.

- Gate Stewards are needed from 9.30am and will be situated on the entrance gates to take entrance fees and hand out programmes. Stewards will work in small groups for an hour or two at a time for as long as agreed before-hand.

- Roaming Site Stewards are needed from 10.30am-8pm to check various site issues

- Information point desk stewards are needed from 9.30am to work in 1 or 2 hour shifts in a small group providing information to the public (e.g. where are the toilets?) and assisting with lost children , etc.

- Feedback questionnaire volunteers needed to carry out very short surveys with people attending the Fair to help get feedback about the event.

- Packing up: HELP IS ALSO REQUIRED ON THE Tuesday after the event for taking down marquees & fencing, clearing up.

- Setting up: We also have a range of tasks that we need help with on the Saturday and Sunday preceding the event including; helping construct marquees, putting up temporary fencing, putting up decorations, painting banners, or even/crucially making cups of tea for everybody!

Further location details may be provided below.

Carshalton Park, Ruskin Road, Carshalton, SM5 3SR


The Environmental Fair takes place at Carshalton Park, entrance on Ruskin Rd, Carshalton.


People who enjoy working as part of a team and are friendly and approachable will get the most out of this opportunity. Stewards should have good communication skills and be fairly un-flappable. Willing to muck in and help with the jobs as needed.

Being part of this amazing local event! Enjoy an outdoor volunteering opporutnity. Gain stewarding experience.


Environmental,Events & Stewarding,Employee & Group Volunteering,Advice, Information & Support,Community Work,General & Helping

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