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Support your local Park Friends group or with help, set up a new group to maintain, improve and promote parks and green spaces. Sutton offers more than 90 parks and green spaces, covering nearly 500 hectares of land. Our parks and green spaces are of a high standard, 7 of them have been awarded Green Flag Status.
A friends group can help a park by:
*bidding for external funds
*taking part in park improvement activities
*running park projects and events
*keeping a notice board up to date
*reporting damage or incidents in the park
*bringing a park visitor's perspective to discussions on standards and how
maintenance work is carried out

Existing Park Friend's groups can be seen at:

Finance & Accountancy,Fundraising,Gardening,Practical Work & DIY,Trusteeships & Committees,Environmental,Events & Stewarding,Sport & Coaching,Volunteer Management,Employee & Group Volunteering,Administration,IT, Technology & Websites,General & Helping,Under-16 Volunteering

There are a variety of volunteer roles within park friends groups, for the majority of roles you do not need any specific skills only enthusiasm and a willingness to get stuck in!

Volunteering with Park Friends will give you access to a huge variety of volunteering opportunities dependent on your interests. Park Friends groups are friendly and welcoming and you will have the opportunity to connect with local park users and the local community.

Time commitment will be dependent upon your availability and interest. Volunteering takes place during the week and weekends dependent upon which group you join and role you take. It can be flexible.

Further location details may be provided below.

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We will work to accommodate volunteers with disabilities and find opportunities that are fulfilling and accessible.

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The majority of volunteering takes place in an outdoor setting and therefore there is less chance of being exposed to covid.

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