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The Befriending Plus programme provides one-to-one relationships between volunteers and service users, which aims to reduce social isolation and loneliness for older people and adults at risk in the London Borough of Sutton.

The project is coordinated by two Befriending Plus Coordinators who are line managed by the Befriending Plus Manager, in line with Volunteer Centre Sutton's objectives, policies, and procedures.

Specific Tasks
" To provide support in reducing isolation as well as inspiring, guiding and motivating a service user.

" To practice effective listening at all times.

" To meet weekly for a period of one to two hours.

" To provide on going support to a specific service user(s) that you are matched with.

" Completion of evaluation forms and meeting records for both personal record logs and preparation for supervision.

" Refer to Befriending Coordinator with any queries, safeguarding concerns or feedback (telephone support always available).


" To be willing to receive supervision, resourcing and guidance. To attend regular supervision sessions and undertake telephone supervisions with your coordinator.


" Induction process includes interview, DBS check, references and initial training, including safeguarding.

Risk Assessment
" A service user assessment will have been undertaken by the Befriending Plus team and an agreement will be signed by both service user and volunteer.

Lisha Varghese

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31 West Street, , Sutton, SM1 1SJ


Volunteering takes place in the users home, over the telephone or out in the community.

We don't require any specific qualifications or experience. Qualities which are important are reliability, punctuality, trustworthiness, patience, tolerance and common sense. To be a Befriender you will also need: -Trustworthiness -Good communication skills, the ability to listen in depth -Empathy -Understanding of particular difficulties facing people who are isolated -Capacity to be compassionate and understanding without becoming over involved, possessive of the other person's problems. -The capacity to work alone, but also to know when it is necessary to seek help and advice. - The capacity for a two way friendship, and ability to give without expecting many rewards.


Befriending, Buddying & Mentoring

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