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Could you spare some time to brighten up the week of an elderly person or vulnerable adult in the London Borough of Sutton who has found themselves lonely and isolated?

We're looking for volunteers who could commit to meeting up with someone and supporting them in re-engaging in their community for a couple of hours a week. You'd be helping an isolated individual engage with groups or activities, meet people and overcome their isolation.

Our Sutton Befrienders team will train you to support and build a meaningful relationship with someone who really needs it, so that they feel less lonely and more connected in their community. We have lots of experience, having run a befriending project for several years in the Borough.

No formal qualifications or experience is needed - we're just looking for volunteers with 'people skills' (see below) who are reliable, punctual, trustworthy, patient, tolerant and who have some common sense.

*Our service users may have found themselves isolated for many reasons, e.g. bereavement, illness or family migration or perhaps no other family members. Some are young people who have been in the care of the local authority but who now no longer qualify for assistance due to age. We also assist those members of the community who are disabled, (physical or sensory) and with mental health issues such as depression, panic attacks, anxiety or stress related issues.

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31 West Street, , Sutton, SM1 1SJ Volunteering takes place in various locations in the community and the service user's home.


Volunteering takes place in the users home, over the telephone or out in the community.

One week

Art & Craft,Conservation

To be a Befriender, you will need: - Good communication skills, including the ability to listen in-depth - The ability to empathise with isolated people, demonstrating compassion and understanding without become over-involved - The ability to work alone, but also know when to seek help and advice. - Good organisational skills, to plan activities or groups to attend together. - The ability to help connect people with others - The capacity to commit regularly to 2.5 hours a week (including travel) - To be willing and able to go out and about, e.g. going out for lunch, visiting a garden centre, the cinema or going shopping. A vehicle and drivers license would be useful but not essential.

Becoming a Befriender will bring plenty of positives: - Full support, including ID checks, risk assessment, full training, regular supervisions and useful resources - The fulfilment of knowing you are making a difference to a person who is isolated - The development of new skills, experiences and friendships


Entertainment,Support Work,Befriending, Buddying & Mentoring,Community Work

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