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Covid19 Vaccination Programme Islington - Stewards

Voluntary Action Islington

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Islington has already started the Covid-19 vaccination programme in the borough.
We have embarked on the largest vaccination programme in UK history, Age UK Islington, Help on your Doorstep, Manor Gardens Welfare Trust and Voluntary Action Islington are working together to support Islington’s GP Federation and other clinics with the role out of the Covid-19 vaccination across the borough.

We need Volunteer Stewards to help us support patients when they arrive for their vaccination. Initially for January but we will need these volunteers for several months. If you can help for a few weeks that is a great help.

The Volunteer Stewards can assist at different clinics in Islington to ensure a smooth and safe patient flow throughout the Vaccine Clinics. This may include answering questions on what will happen (not medical questions), guiding them to appropriate areas or just giving a friendly smile and allowing them to share a story.

Volunteers are needed at:

Bingfield Primary Care Centre, N1 0AL
Shift: Monday – Sunday 8-11am, 11-2pm, 2-5pm and 5-8pm (this is an example, shifts can vary weekly depending on the number of patients and vaccine supplies)

Hanley Primary Care Centre, N4 3DU
Shifts: Monday – Sunday 8-11am, 11am-2pm, 2-5pm and 5-8pm (this is an example, shifts can vary weekly depending on the number of patients and vaccine supplies)

Whittington Hospital (Clinic 4A), N19 5NF (PAUSED UNTIL MARCH)
Shifts: Monday – Friday 8am-12pm, 11am – 3pm, 2pm – 6pm

The Tasks
Your role will be to support patients:

• Ensure that patients arriving at the clinics are directed to the right place ie. The general GP service or the vaccination clinic
• Ensure that social distancing is observed
• Guide patients to the correct vaccination service
• Guiding patients to the observation room
• Guiding patients out of the clinic
• Ensuring that patients are able to return home safely
• Ordering taxis if required by patient

What you will not be doing:
• Carrying out any clinical activities
• Monitoring patients following vaccination
• Transporting patients to and from the clinics

DBS and Reference Checks
- DBS checks will be required. If potential volunteers don’t have one a check can be provided.
- 2 References will be required.
PPE equipment will be made available to all volunteers.


Further location details may be provided below.

Bingfield Primary Care Centre, N1 0AL Hanley Primary Care Centre, N4 3DU Clinic 4A, Whittington Hospital, Magdala Avenue, N19 5NF (PAUSED UNTIL MARCH)

Full directions will be sent when registered in the vaccination programme

One day


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You don’t need to have any specific experience for this role. Anyway, • Being confident and caring while ensuring a professional approach that will facilitate all patients attending to receive the vaccine in a comfortable setting. • Having a caring nature is important in undertaking this role. • This role involves standing up all day so although there are no age restrictions (please see age range below), volunteers should be fit enough to carry out the role. • We would love to hear from people who can speak any of Islington community languages. • If you are ‘clinically vulnerable’ (high risk of contracting Covid-19), please do not volunteer for this role but you can apply for other home-based roles advertised on our site/s.

• Supporting the local community in the fight against Covid-19 virus. • This role is categorised as an essential key worker role, so you will be allowed to send your children to school or other educational settings. • This role will give volunteers the opportunity to build upon the following skills: communication, co-ordination, and social. The role will also provide volunteers with an opportunity to meet new people and build experience. • Vaccinations will be offered to all volunteers* for this role *Any volunteers that have severe allergic reactions and carry adrenaline pens are advised not to have the vaccine at this point.

18 and over

Community Work,Events & Stewarding,General & Helping

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Volunteers from all communities are welcome

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