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The Appropriate Adult role is to facilitate communication, ensure the suspect’s rights are respected and upheld, ensure the police interview is conducted properly and fairly and that interviewing officers take the vulnerability of the suspect into account. It is a role usually undertaken by parents or carers who often have little, if any, understanding, knowledge or experience of police investigative procedures and who may be too overwhelmed by the experience and emotionally involved to make their presence meaningful. However, there are numerous times when, and many reasons why, parents or carers cannot or will not act as the suspect’s Appropriate Adult

Advice, Information & Support,Caring,Driving (must have full driving licence),Legal

Basic IT skills - internet & email,Negotiating,Admin,UK Driving Licence

Well organised, non-judgemental, excellent oral and written communication skills, ability to advocate and negotiate and deal with challenging behaviour.

Gain insight and experience of police investigative environment/procedures. Enhance skills needed to support vulnerable people.

Further location details may be provided below.

Darren Smith / Yvonne Graham

The most common venues volunteers attend are the custody suites at Shepcote Lane, Sheffield, S9 1TP, College Rd Doncaster, DN1 3HX and Churchfield Barnsley, S70 2DL.



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applications from anyone, especially males and those from black and minority ethnic (BAME) groups who are often under represented in our 'pool' of volunteers.

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